Home-made Ghee

Home Made Ghee

Ghee is a must in my family and my favorite fat to cook with. It's just like butter, but getting our hands on th precious creamy golden fat from heaven is a nearly impossible task. Most of my friends would normally comment," You can simply order online or swing by your nearest Indian store to grab a few bottles rite so what's the fuss about.''

Thinking of the extra charges such as shipping,duty and imports taxes and luckily enough to find a source that will actually ship to my location. Ugh!!!If that's your case, do not despair. A simple solution is there to get fresh ghee right at your kitchen .

Making your own ghee at home is simple task that can be accomplished very quickly and easily. All you need to do is to get your hands on some good quality organic or grass fed butter and you might never want to purchase store-brought ever agin.

So what do you say we make a batch together? You'll see, you really don't need much at all and we'll be done in no time.

1 to 2 pounds Unsalted grass fed butter

Preparation Methods:
Cut the butter roughly one inch by one inch squares. This. will help your butter melt faster and more evenly. 

Melt over medium heat stirring gently from time to time. Keep staring until the butter starts to simmer and the milk solids will start to curdle around the sides of the pan- remove them.. As the milk solids sink to the bottom, you will notice that the butter is beginning to clear up.

Keep a close eye on the butter while staring and scraping sides nd bottom so that milk solids don't attached to the pan and burn. Remove from flame and the foam settle for few seconds. Line the sieve with server layers of cheese cloth and pour the ghee over to a large bowl. Transfer the filtered ghee into a glass jar.


Anonymous said…
home made ghee looks so easy to prepare. Should try out soon. Btw should I use only grass fed butter?
Well it’s better to use grass feed butter if u r oversea.