South Indian Cuisine: Idiyappam
Life is unique for everyone, regardless if you work or stay at home. Throughout the day we go through our triumphs and our failures each in our own means. Why does the life of others interest you? Maybe others think that stay at home means enjoying while the rest is out working their butt out🤔 I would say both have their equal share of duties whether u r working mom or stay at home mom.

I start my day by waking up about 5.40 am -get my kids ready for school. Fix breakfast and pack lunch for them. I would normal enjoy a cup of coffee once the kids are out of the door. Then I start cleaning or washing clothes. Make myself lunch or go out to eat. Relax a bit by watching a little bit of tv. At times I prepare snacks for the kids.Pick up t kids and drive them to for after school activities. Cook dinner for kids & the husband. Wash dishes, clean up.Get ready for a new day. Well that’s how my stay at home day would be. Sounds familiar 🤔

Anyhow let’s get back to my cooking sphere routine. I cannot image that I got so much to post and don know where to start. My recipe folder is piling up and I’m not find time to let my mind in posting them more frequently like in 2009 when I first got interested in the blogging world.

As I’m from the Asian part of the world I have the tendency to cook more comfort food of mine and the first dish that come to mind is, “ Idiyappam “- South Indian steamed rice noodle. Made simply from rice flour, it becomes the perfect vehicle to mop up delicious curries or enjoy it sweet along with freshly grated coconut and red sugar for breakfast / tiffin.

Idiyappam is one of those dishes which has been my favorite right from childhood and which fish gravy it’s just delicious. So soft and literally melted in my mouth. Recently I got a murukku maker from Indian and I just used to omapodi disc to pressed out the idiyappam. I am happy that I could make myself some perfect idiyappams with thins strands of noodles, just like how it should be.

Ingredients For Normal Rice Iddayappam:
2 cups of water
2 cup of rice flour
Gingerly oil

Preparation of Methods:
Add oil to the water and bring it to a boil. Once the water starts to boil, turn off the flame. In a separate bowl, add the rice flour, salt and mix well. Add about 3/4 Cup of the hot water to the rice flour. Stir with a spatula. Now, continue to add the water little by little to the rice flour and mix well until a soft, smooth and non-sticky dough is formed. Once you are able to handle the dough by hand, knead it nicely for 1-2 mins. Grease the inside portion of the idiyappam press. Grease your palm with oil, take a portion of the dough, smoothen it out in your palm and fill it in the press. Similarly, grease the steamer plate. Gently press the idiyappam dough onto the steamer plate. Steam the idiyappam for about 5 mins, until cooked through. Let the idiyapam to cool down a bit, before gently removing from the steamer plate and transferring to a serving plate.

Ingredients For Ragi Idiyappam :
2 cups Ragi flour
2 cups of water
Gingerly oil
Salt to taste

Preparation Methods:
In a bowl add the flour, salt and water little by little to get a dosa batter consistency. Heat a heavy bottom wok and heat the gingerly oil on a low flame. Pour in the Ragi flour batter slowly and stir at the same to avoid lumps. Mix well until a soft, smooth and non-sticky dough is formed. Proceeds as mentioned above to steam the Ragi idiyappam.

Video of the steaming process: