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Fish Fillets in Szechuan Sauce

Fish Fillets In Szechuan Sauce

For the past couple of minutes I'm just staring at the blinking curser on my computer screen hopping to find sentence from my mind but its kind of freezed  today. These days my mind is completely jammed - just wants to relax and enjoy the summer to its maximum before the kid's vacation is over. To refresh my mind I stepped out of my home and decided to take a short walk to the leasing office to check for any mails.Greeting from familiar faces and stares from new occupants makes me wonder whether I'm an alien from outer space or just my imagination. 

Anyway sometimes, I’m totally at a loss for what to cook - So when I was in a similar situation few weeks ago, I asked my husband and he suggested Chinese and my mind travels back to my favorite Chinese Restaurant in my hometown " Fried Fish In Szechuan Sauce".Instead of deep frying the fish - I decide to steam the fish for a healthy version.
Steaming not only gently cooks the fish until ju…