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Mayo Chicken in Phyllo Cups

Mayo Chicken In  Phyllo Cups

At time I have these weird thought of finding myself debating with myself- and this time with my brain. Trust me it happens when I tend to be too stressed out.
Myself: Do you think it's a blessing being a housewife 
Brain: Huh!! You asking me after 15 years.
Myself: Oh come answer me - " Yes or No".
Brain: Well it's a blessing in disguise.

Anyway I'm not sure whether it's a blessing or not but it's a matter of perd "unmotivated," but what's it like to actually be one?Since we own a restaurant back in my hometownI was like going in between run the restaurant and pursuing my career job. I end up managing the restaurant when my dad got health issues. After my marriage I found myself hopelessly bored to tears, watching way too much television, and not knowing what I was supposed to be doing as a housewife but -A favorite parts of being a housewife are being able to be my own boss and to set my own schedule. I don’t like fe…