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South Indian Style Mutton Kheema

South Indian Style Mutton Kheema

I just can’t believe how fast the days are zooming past. Feel like I just returned from my vacation and can't help but wish time move little slower. Getting back to routine after vacation is always challenging, especially when it was spent with family and being pampered spoilt to roots hahah!! but life goes on rite.
Ever since I'm back - I have been trying to prepare healthy food during the weekdays and weekends definitely deserve something special. Normally my weekend table will be filled up with different kind of cuisines with a twist as I have habit of creating my special touch in some ways as weekends are always a good break to charge up our batteries for life , and the meals also plays a crucial role in it , somehow we indulge in some spicy, tangy and rich food

And this Mutton Keema is an absolute favorite! It’s spicy, loaded with flavor and impossible not to ask for a second helping. Relish the divine taste of this warm curry mopped up with …