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Keeri Chappati

Keeri Chappati Guessing many must have experience this-a woman enters the kitchen only after marriage and the first dish she gets her hands one would be either making crispy thosai nor soft fluffy chappatis... Believe me guys my thosai was a disastrous and was always  judged compared with my MIL. It's a well know fact that the South is famous for it's finger licking crispy thosai and the North for their specificity in preparing perfectly shaped chappatis.

Chappatis are day in and out meal and sounds boring when everyday at the dinning table you tend to find the same old stuff. Though there is always an additional taste when my dad prepare it then I do. I always love the soft hot chappati made by him back home. to make the chappati more relishing taste, many add curd. The chappatis will turn out to be extra soft and delicious when cooked with little butter. today  from taste of Saras Kitchen I'm sharing the my recipe of preparing Keeri Chappati- not perfectly shaped but tasty…