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Kashmiri Chicken Curry

Kashmiri Chicken Curry
I have found myself in the uncanny position of having several blog postings in my queue, waiting to be written up to share with ya’ll. Alright, here's yet another chicken recipe I've been meaning to post for a while but haven't gotten around to doing so, that is, until now. I’ve been cooking up some awesome dinners with chicken when I was in USA. It’s not that I’ve been engaging in crazy techniques, or unusual ingredients, or delving into haute cuisine – it’s more about how elegantly and easily my meals have been coming out, and how delicious everything has been.

But after coming down here I'm not able to cook like that. As I have mentioned before many times that I have a huge collection of cooking books stored away in my small library...hmm well that's how I describe my cupboard stacked with books. There was a time when my son was in love with apples and stumble upon this recipe while I was searching for some different type of cooking method …