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Spicy Mutton Kolhapuri

Spicy Mutton Kolhapuri Do you know what frustrates me the most ?? Going throughout my day thinking of all kinds of creative things to post about but when I finally sit down to do the actual write up a blog post my mine just freeze and goes blank. Do this happen to you guys out there too? Maybe its because I want to share many things with you guys that I don't even know where to start. anyway back to tday's recipe. I'm always collecting or looking out for recipes that taste great or even better but don't involve an all day session in the kitchen to prepare. And if I tend to make a dish ahead af time it's always a crowed pleaser at my dining table. The following is such one that was loved by everyone and it was done very long back when I was in Owasso. I got the this unique recipe for accident while searching for something different to be done with mutton. I had real difficult time finding some of the ingredients esp kalpasi. I'm pleased to share with you guys &qu…