Cauliflower Manchurian

Cauliflower Manchurian
Are you curious to know what? Well, there is no surprise here as it’s the most amazing food cooked by my Dad  that comforted me with its divine taste and spread its warmth in my heart and soul ! Yes,you are definitely rite, its food after all that brings family close…and also gaps the distance between people and regions! I really miss him cooking these days as I'm infrequently commented that  my cooking doesn't taste like his..sometime it gets on my nerves.  Usually I find myself startling into the pantry wandering what on earth I was going to cook today!! Should I say that I'm not good at planning..or be ashamed to confess that with all...:) Back to my pantry..guess what caught my sight...Big milky white cauliflower looking so fresh and lively. What shall I prepare with mind starts to wonder again.. guess I'm used to crack my brain to max these day..hope it wouldn't burst. Weekends at native has to play but no work..but slaving in the hot kitchen atmosphere was not very pleasant thought. However, I didn’t want to spend more than 15 minutes in kitchen. And it was the biggest challenge for me, who usually spends at least an hour to cook some delicious home meals whereas my mil finishes up fast.. experience always win doubt in that!!


Most of the time I remember going to restaurant s for dining Cauliflower Manchurian used to be our favorite dish for starters and the kids really love them very much esp my daughter..why don't I prepare them for lunch today. Just give the kids the taste of restaurant kick.Cauliflower Manchurian is one of the most popular product of Indian-Chinese cuisine with it's sour spicy and the crispy florets of cauliflower that melts in your mouth. Typically the cauliflower is deep fried which gives it that great crunch The food was in a cuisine class of its own and quite likely bore no strong resemblance to real Chinese cuisine since it was heavily adapted for our flavor- seeking taste buds. At restaurant we have eaten stir fried dishes seasoned with dry chillies and mustard seeds and graved Chinese dishes smothered in Indian spice like coriander and cumin.

This Cauliflower Manchurian is indeed unbelievably simple, quick, delicious and highly addictive. But wait a minute, there is more! You can also make it guilt free indulgence by omitting the use of oil. Just baked for more health version..So without much delay, let me share this wonderful recipe of So without much delay, let me share this wonderful recipe of Cauliflower Manchurian. I will be back with another fabulous dish from my kitchen to yours soon..see yall!!
Serving size: 5 person1 medium cauliflower, florets separated
¼ tsp turmeric Powder
Oil for deep frying

For Spicy Batter/Marinate:
½ cup maida
2 tbsp corn flour
1 tsp chilli powder
1-1½ tbsp oya Sauce
2 tsp chilli sauce
1 tsp ginger-garlicPaste
½ tsp cumin Powder
½ tsp coriander Powder
Salt to taste

For Sauce:
1 red onion chopped
5 cloves garlic minced
4-5 spring onions, thinly sliced 
1 capsicum chopped finely
1 inch Ginger, chopped finely or grated
3-4 large cloves Garlic, chopped finely
2-3 Green chillies, finely chopped
4 tbsp tomato sauce
1 tbsp soya sauce
1-2 tbsp sweet chilli Sauce

Preparation Methods:

Wash cauliflower florets and transfer them to a cooking pot. Add enough water to cover them along with turmeric powder and cook it for 5 minutes till they are half cooked. Drain all the water by passing through colander and run these cauliflower florets under cold water to stop cooking process. Keep it aside till needed.Make  batter with all the ingredients mentioned under batter.Coat the florets with the batter and then deep fry at medium flame till they turns golden brown.Drain them in paper towel to remove excess oil. Heat a wok with some oil and add all the ingredient mention under sauce and allow it be thicken, then add the fried cauliflower toss to coat well in the sauce. Transfer to serving dish and munch!!!


Vimitha Durai said…
My favorite... Looks colorful and yum
Priya Suresh said…
Droolworthy and seriously very tempting manchurian.
Indian Khana said…
Yum ....diff to say no to this ...
looks delicious and very tempting :)