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Spicy Stir- Fried Mee Kian Noodles

Spicy Stir- Fried  Mee Kian Noodles I love the way a certain food or meal can instantly transport you back to your childhood. Food is so evocative and nostalgic.The Kopi Tiam or coffee shop had lots of different food stalls around it where you could order food. Kopitiam is usually packed with people during breakfast and the coffee shop have a variety of delights to have as well. I am always having my breakfast with my sister every weekend. These hawker centers actually brought the best of hawker food and have them operating at this food court, all under one roof! 

If you guys have being following my blog closely anyone would have guessed that I'm total a "Noodle Freak". I just love them so much that I always dream about having just noodles til death..When I was visiting my parents back in my hometown- my sister requested me to prepare something spicy. Then I found a packet of fresh Mee Kian laying the fridge counter  and a plate of finger licking "Spicy Stir Fried Mee…