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Kadai Mushroom Gravy

Kadai Mushroom Gravy Okay, maybe my mushroom gravy isn’t better than yours, but it’s definitely better than anything the local restaurants joint offers. I need to put more effort into the side dishes I serve my family. Getting them to eat their vegetables is tough enough, but when the energy I put into making them appealing is lacking – it’s even tougher. If you’re not eating mushrooms, you should be. At least I think so. Beyond being extremely tasty they’re also really good for you. I'm in love with mushrooms of any kind and they  just appears on my dinning table at least once a week in some ways. I cannot control myself when I see packets of mushroom staked up in food section of the supermarket. Will always grab a few packets. Today I'm going share the Kadai Mushroom Gravy with you folks.

The traditional Indian recipe for curried mushrooms involves frying sliced onions along with crushed ginger paste and a mixture of coriander, cumin and turmeric powder, in vegetable oil befor…