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Payathankai (Long Beans) Kottu

Payathankai (Long Beans) Kottu I'd spent quite  a bit of time wonder what recipe to post today as I have many laying in my folder just staring at me blindly and their helpless look always bothers me. I want to post but work is keeping me up.As I have known both my kids love the addition of dhal to vegetables. Long beans are also known as Chinese long beans – they don’t taste much different from regular green beans, but these long, long, snake beans are a current favorite among my kids. Since these long beans are pliable, I find them much less tedious to cut up than regular beans.I have been stuck in a cooking rut and my kids and hubby are a bit bored of me feeding them with same dishes over and over again.My resolution for this year was to try new recipes every weekend.. So far I have tried many and have shared with u all guys too....Today's recipe from my kitchen would be Long Beans Kottu-my kids favorite and no matter have much I prepare,it's never enough!!!!

Serving Size:4…