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Spicy Mutton Kheema

Spicy Mutton Kheema Hiya guys hope everyone are busy cooking new recipes in your kitchen to be shared in the blogging world. My kitchen have being silent for sometime as my health is not coping well with me these days. In and out of the hospital have being a routine in my household for a while and I'm neglecting my blog. Many of my well wisher have disappeared and my blog have being lacking their encouragement these days too and some don't even bother to visit:(  These issues have made me very unhappy but still I enjoy cooking... that's my passion and nothing can stop me from blogging. Another mouth- watering dish from my kitchen to your would be Spicy Mutton Kheema and happen to enjoy this bowl of yummy gravy with soft chappati while I was in Singapore recently.Just rush back to ur kitchen abs start peps ring this delicious Kheema and enjoy!!!!
Spicy Mutton Kheema
Serving Size:4 person
259g minced mutton
3tbsp meat curry powder
salt to taste
3tbsp oil
2 large onion ch…