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Chap Cai- Mixed Vegetable Stew With Seafood

Chap Cai- Mixed Vegetable Stew With Seafood

A few days ago I was scrolling through my photo archive in my hard drive and came across these photos of Chap Chye-a favorite taste bud of my hometown. A popular vegetarian mixed vegetable stew which is normally eaten with plain rice or porridge among the locals and I can't believe that I haven't even posted about it yet. This is some seriously good comfort food and I happen to prepare this finger licking plate of Chap Chye while I was in Singapore couple of months ago.Frankly I'm talking u guys -I'm completely hooked!!! Being Asian I just love these stir-fry very much. The taste of this dish is just desirable and so versatile. the simplest way to cook it is just ," Chop up all your favorite vegetable with any kind of meat-saute and serve.In seconds a delicious plate of vegetables with nutrients would be ready to to be served...What are u waiting for-rush to the kitchen-chop chop and fill up ur loved ones tummy with Chap …