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Spicy Grilled Methi Chicken Stri-Fry

Spicy Grilled Methi Chicken Stir-Fry What can I say about today's recipe:Outright delicious  Perfect combination of chicken  with methi leaves. This recipe happened by accident- the rain poured and the wind howled .winter time in USA and I I craved for a quick comforting chicken curry but all I wanted to do was to curl up in cozy bed and sleep. found fresh fenugreek (methi) and for some reason, I had methi  chicken curry in mind, so whisked some of my favorite ingredients and  result was a darn good curry. Fenugreek (methi) and chicken compliment each other very well. Methi chicken did make a satisfying dinner with steamed rice. A signature North Indian dish that goes well with any Indian bread. Fenugreek leaves adds a new flavor to chicken.Folks do try out the dish as soon as possible or you are losing out...see ya soon with another mouth-watering recipe from my kitchen to your!!!
Serving Size: 4
Ingredients: Marinate for the chicken: 500 g boneless chicken cubed
2tsp pepper powder