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Mini Cupcakes

Mini Cupcakes To be frank with you folks I'm really not sure for how long this recipe has being lay idle in my folder. Perhaps I really need wake up and look thru each and every recipe snaps in folder. I...should I say I or we prepare this mouth-watering simply cupcake from my Secondary school Home-Economic book with help of my school friend Ms Choo. I have lost contact with her but she was one of very close friend during my school days. She is very good in decorating things and give mind blowing ways in plating out the food. The snaps were taken by her and I have give life to it by adjusting the color exposure using photo gallery. Ms Choo if you happen to come across my blog thank u so much for the helping me with the preparation and also for giving me a copy of the snaps..I hereby wish all my fellow bloggers "A Prosperous Deppavali ". Will be back with another mouth-watering dish from my kitchen to yours soon ...take care and have great celebration with your loved ones:…