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Creamy Mushroom Bucatini With Home-made White Sauce.

Creamy MushroomBucatini With Home-made White Sauce.
There is not much that is more comforting than these home made Creamy Mushroom Paste
"Pasta is served up in a creamy white and mushroom sauce. This recipe tastes like it's from a restaurant and being prepared by the one whom you have chosen to live with is more romantic. My hubby happens to be a very good cook too. I first learn how to prepare good sambar from as a new bride. The taste of this pasta dish will linger in your mouth for many hours.Any veggie or meat and any kind of herbs would perfect paired up with pasta. A bowl of home made pasta is good enough to satisfy there anyone out there who doesn't like PASTAS..if there's is, "you are missing out in the crowd" :(

After a very long gap bot myself and my hubby happen to spend few hours alone without the kids tugging along.Both my kids got school on Saturday...aha 8 hours for ourselves..isn't that great!!!We went window shopping at BrookesB…