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Soy Briyani

Soya Briyani
My 5 year old daughter isn't the best eater in the world. She's certainly not the worst either.She just loves vegetables like carrots,beans,cauliflowers...I mean most of the vegetables.If her lunch box or dinner not served to her favorite..either the lunch returns untouched or the dinner stretched out well over hours. Sometime I have to clear the tables when she's not even half way through-just staring at her food or commenting on her brother's plate. I'm not sure where she have tasted soya chunk but one morning she just wanted me to uprear soya chunks...just like that out of the blue not relishing that her school van will be arriving in 30 minutes time. What can I prepare in just 30 minutes....BRIYANI OR FRIED RICE!!!Yes, I am the kind of person who can fixed up a meal in seconds when it concern my daughter. All she needs "SOYA CHUCKS FOR LUNCH ".
Soya biryani is a protein rich biryani recipe with the soya chunks cooked and then added to rice …