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SpicyTofu Briyani With Vegetables

Spicy Tofu Briyani With Vegetables
Hey folks I'm back with another mouth-watering briyani recipe from my kitchen to yours. What a lovely weekend with my SIL and BIL in CBE. This weekend our daily routine of visiting Pollachi was brushed aside due to Sport Day Celebration in my daughter's school. She took part in 50 meters running race. Both my SIL and BIL stayed overnight in my apartment.It was great having family member over for a night chatting away rite!!! Both myself and my SIL decided to gang up to cook lunch for the first time. We always make plans to cook together but unfortunately something will prevent us from doing so. We wanted to prepare something different and then I remember that I got some tofu laying in my fridge for few day begging me to finish before expiring.

Since both our husbands are great fans of briyani. We decide to prepare tofu briyani with carrots and green peas. The combination of tofu marinated with chilly and turmeric powder and lightly fried was r…