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Bombay Mix

Bombay Mix
Listen up folks. I really mean it!!! I feel like I have being neglecting my passion for cooking and blogging for the past couple of months since my last post. Lately I have become very busy as I have started to brush up my driving skills.I'm so exhausted by the time I reach home. Sometime I travel from CBE to Pollachi for my driving classes.I have completely became insane and really need to recharge my brain and stay focused. Since it school holiday and the climate in Pollachi is really great and having these Bombay Mix with a cup of hot tea is the fuel for my brain. Bombay Mix-a popular tea-time snack in what is essentially among the locals:)

Serving size: 4

vegetable oil for frying
1 cup rice flakes
1 cup roasted chickpeas
handful of plain pappadums
1 packet of roasted green peas
1 packet of sev
1/4 cup sultanas
1/4 cup currants
1/4 cup roasted cashew nuts

Spice Mixtures
2tbsp sugar
1tsp salt
1tsp ground cumin powder
1/2tsp ground turmeric powder
1/2tsp chilli powder