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Sweet Corn Soup

OMG she's back again!!! I thought she has given up trying new recipe once she's back from USA but but....nope not again.That's the outburst of kitchen as I'm back to cooking sphere and they have started complain as they used to back in USA...This is my first recipe after I shifted back from USA. It's none other than-Sweet Corn Soup. My son kind of got addicted to the taste of the soup ever-since he came to India. Whenever we visit any restaurant in CBE the first item to be order will be a bowl of Sweet Corn Soup.

Sweet Corn Soup

Serving Size:5
2 cups fresh sweet corn kernels
1/3 cup cooked corn kernels
1 cups milk
7 cups water
2 tbsp corn flour
2tbsp chopped garlic
1tbsp butter
1 egg white
salt to taste
chopped spring onion

Preparation Methods:
Combine the milk, water and 2 sweet corn, and boil until corn is cooked.Take a little of the cooked sweet corn, about half a cup, and blend it mildly. Heat a wok - add the butter and saute the chopped garlic and the 1/3 cup c…