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Stuffed Aloo Parathas With Minced Chicken Topping

How many times have you salivated at the thought of those lip-smacking stuffed parathas with dollops of butter on them. Hmmm..heavenly:) hot and fresh from the griddle are always sumptuous and mouth watering :) This dish reminds me of childhood as everyone in family loves to have stuffed parathas esp with sardine. . I've tried making these stuffed parathas several times but couldn't get them right. the stuffing always spills out and eventually I gave up trying. After marriage I got hooked up in the blogging world and my kitchen turn out to my laboratory for my cooking experiments but never thought of trying to make a perfect stuffed paratha again.One day my son came back from school saying that one of his Indian friend (I made these when I was in USA) mom made chapatis with potatoes inside and it was yummy. He kept pestering for the parathas but I was not in mood to prepare them again after those numerous flops trying. My hubby encouraged me to give a final try and they came …