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Ayam Panggang ( Spicy Roast Chicken)

Ayam Panggang ( Spicy Roast Chicken)
Can you believe that it's being almost 4 year since I have being to my hometown for a decent vacation? I really need a break and got a very good chance last Dec 2010 for a vacation to Singapore for 25 days. It was just me....only me this time. As the flight landed in Singapore all my childhood flash-back were just in front of my eyes. A teenager in school uniform with carefree life was just overwhelming. Hmmm..back to present-that was very long time back. Now my kids are going to enter that age and life in few years time.I really enjoyed myself and have get-together with my collage friends,relatives and loved ones. I visited one of my very close friend who is also a great cook Yati during my vacation and happens to prepare this mouth-watering Malaysian dish for me. The only regret I had was that my hubby and my kids weren't around to taste it:(

Serving size:4-6

1 large whole chicken
3tbsp chopped red chillies
5 cloves of garlic
3tbsp …