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Wonton Soup With Rice Noodles

Wanton Soup
I have being held up with many stuffs in my routine and could never find time to get hold of the computer. The net connection is making me mad and couldn't finish up my post most of the time.I really made up my mine to post a recipe today and here I am with a delicious mouth-watering soup which can vanished in seconds once served:)
Soups add variety to meals, are cheap, and warm you up on a cold, winter day. Soup is nourishing and comforting - nearly everyone likes soup.And, there are soups for everyone's taste - from the most delicate broth to the most hearty chowder.Soups are a good way to use the small quantities of leftover meat and vegetables that accumulate in the refrigerator.The climate in CBE is really unstable...not sure wherther it's summer or winter season. It's getting extremly clod for the past few days and What can be better than slurping up a bowl of warm and comforting delicious wanton soup. I have preapared this mouth-watering tummy filli…