Singapore Hokkien Noodles

Singapore Hokkien Noodles
I willing confessed that I'm glued to noodles..just like magnets.I don't know whether anyone out there would say no to a bowl of noodles with tons of vegetables and some meat to pair up. S'pore hokkiens noodles makes no difference.Singapore Hokkien Noodles really is stir-fried egg noodles, leafy greens or shredded cabbage and-an assortment of seafood nestled in a small amount of gravy made from soy sauce and cornflour mixture. I have omit the usage of seafood and eggs. Instead I have add chicken breast. Once my hubby returns from his trip and have request for the vegetarian version of the same .

Serving Size:4


1 packet of noodles
1/2 cup carrot
1/2 cauliflower
1/2 broccoli
1/2 cabbage
1/2 cup tofu
1/2 sliced chicken breast
3tbsp minced garlic
1tbsp light soy sauce
4tbsp stock
For the Sauce:
1/2 cup stock
1tbsp dark sauce sauce
1tbsp black bean sauce
2tbsp cornflour mixture
dash of white pepper
1tsp sesame oil
chopped coriander leaves
chopped onion leaves.

Preparation Methods:
Put the fresh yellow noodles in a bowl and pour in enough boiling water to cover the noodles. Stand for 1 minute, then drain in a colander and put on a plate with the soaked and drained noodle. Add all the sauce ingredient in bowl -mix well and keep aside.Heat the wok with some oil and saute the mince garlic til fragrant.Add the cubed chicken breast and the soy sauce. cook till the chicken turn white. Now add all the vegetable and stock and cover with lid. As the chicken and vegetables become tender add the noodles and mix well. finally pour in the sauce and allow the mixture to boil for few minutes and thicken a bit. Dish out and serve with chopped coriander and onion leaves.


Christy Gerald said…
Luks delightfully delicious,luv this noodles preparation.
Chitra said…
Very nice. new to me. will try :)
divya said…
Looks super delicious and inviting..
Amina Creations said…
noodles are my favourite as well... looks delicious...
Asmita said…
That looks awesome! Would love to eat the whole plate!
Vikis Kitchen said…
I too like noodles very much ...but lazy me , makes only the top ramen or maggie:) Yours look delicious dear. Yummy!