Deep Fried Chicken Fritters

Deep Fried Chicken Fritters
For those who have being following my blog very closely knows that I'm chicken freak. I always like to try out different ways to prepare chicken. Snacks and Nibbles is never going to fail as a side dish, and surely going to make you popular amongst all aged groups so try out these finger licking Chicken Fritters.

Serving Size: 4 persons

1/2kg chicken fillets
2tbsp peanut oil
3/4 cup all purpose flour
2tsp baking powder
1 egg beaten
1 cup milk
salt and pepper to taste
1tsp chilli powder
oil for frying
Preparation Methods:
Cut the chicken into cubes. Heat the peanut oil in wok and stir fry the cubed chicken with salt and pepper for about 5 minutes or so. Remove and keep aside.Sift the flour in a bowl-make a well in centre. Gradully beat in the baking powder,egg, milk and chill powder. to make a thick batter. Heat the oil in a wok. Toss the cubed chicken into the batter to coat well. Add to the oil and fry until golden brown. Drain and serve hot with chilli sauce.


Priya dharshini said…
Chicken fritter luks so yum in a nic pic..
Aarthi said…
YUMMO..This looks awesome..You have made perfectly dear..

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Priya Suresh said…
Feel like having some,very addictive fritters..
divya said…
looks delicious... fabulous recipe..
Unknown said…
wow really got tempted now,nice recipe...