Cherry Cocount Slices

Cherry Coconut Slices
Another book recipe which I prepare with help of my cousin sister Kavitha while she was visiting us during her school holidays. Being are baking freak my cousin sister loves to try out many cakes. If she finds any recipes in papers or verbally from someone...the next moment we can find her in the kitchen trying out. The following recipes was adapted from a Malay magazine which she happen to flip tru in a bookshop near Johore Bahur
Serving Size:24 pieces
90g butter
1/3 cup caster sugar
1tsp vanilla essence
1 egg lightly beaten
2/4 cup plain flour
1/3 cup self raising flour
Cherry Coconut Toping:
1 cup chopped cherries
2 cup desiccated coconut
1/4 cup caster sugar
2tbsp self raising flour
1 egg lightly beaten
3/4 cup milk
Preparation Methods:
Pre-heat the oven to 180 C. Line a lightly greased shallow tin with non-sticking baking paper over hanging on opposite sides. Beat the butter,sugar and vanilla essence until light and creamy.Add the egg gradually beating well- add the flours and fold in. Spread the mixture evenly in the prepared tin. Place all the cherry coconut topping in a bowl and mix well. Then spread the mixture evenly. Bake for 40 minutes. Allow the slices to cool before cutting it.


abraham said…
nice thoughtful dish, regards susan of Chacko's Kitchen
Chitra said…
Wow, it looks spongy and soft :)
Neetz said…
loks superbly done and soft too :)
With added cherry, this slice must be very yummy.
divya said…
Wow looks very tempting..yumm
Priya dharshini said…
Wow..Luks so delicious saraswathy..kudos to cousin too..
Aarthi said…
This looks delicious..Perfectly made dear...Should try it some day...Thanks for the recipe dear.

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Priya Suresh said…
Inviting slices..feel like having with a cup of tea..
Amina Creations said…
coconut slices look delicious... perfectly done... glad to follow you... do visit my blog some time..
Indian Khana said…
Love the recipe .....looks so cute n delish
Unknown said…
Wow very soft n yummy recipe...Thanks saraswathy for ur lovely comments on my glad to know that we r from same place.Keep rocking.
Padhu Sankar said…
Looks absolutely delicious!
Saji said…

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Nikhil Merchant said…
quite an interesting combination.. gotta try this one out !