Tom Yam Soup Noodles With Prawns

Tom Yam Soup Noodles With Prawns
While I was in USA on chilly and gloomy days I have a habit of preparing the authentic Thain Tom Yam Soup with noodles.Recently in CBE the weather's being rainy with cool morning and heavy downpours in the evenings spoiling my evening walks. Still it's a perfect time to have a bowl of Tom Yam Soup Noodles which will fill up my entire family's tummy :D Tom Yum Noodle is actually very popular due to its intense flavors of sour, spicy and sweet combined with the yellow flat noodle. I'm not able to get fresh lemon grass and galangal so I'm using dried once instead.

Serving Size: 4


1 packet of flat yellow noodles
1/2 cup med size prawns
2 tomatoes cubed
1 large red onion slice
5 clove garlic crushed
1tbsp shredded ore sliced ginger roots
1/4 cup slice green capsicums
1/4 cup button mushroom
1/4 cup sliced baby corn
1/4 cup tofu
1/4 cup sliced carrots
2tbsp tom yam paste
1tbsp dried galangal
1tbsp dried lemon grass
few lime leaves
1tbsp fish sauce or soy sauce
4tbsp lime juice
4 red chillies chopped
2 spring onions chopped
1tbsp chopped coriander leaves
salt and pepper to taste

Preparation Methods:
Heat oil in a wok and add the garlic, lime leaves, ginger roots lemon grass, galangal, tomatoes, onion ,sliced mushrooms and red chiles.Once became fragrant add add all the chopped vegetable and tom yam paste with enough of hot water. Bring to boil, reduced to a simmer and cook uncovered for 15 minutes then add the noodles and prawns and bring the mixture to a simmer.Once the prawns turn pink-remove from flame- add coriander,spring onions,lime juice salt. pepper and fish sauce. Mix and serve.


Wow,this Thai Soup is warming and healthy.Luks delicious.Luv it.Thanks for sharing.
Alpana said…
Soup looks very delicious......perfect for the chilly weather here.
divya said…
Wow they looks super inviting and delicious..fabulous click..
kranthi said…
this is so healthy ...
Kalyani said…
noodles looks delicious ........
Priya Suresh said…
Super comforting,prefect for this chilled weather here..
Urmi said…
Soup noodle with prawn looks superb, yummy, mouth watering and irresistible. Shall I send the bowl of chicken by courier for your boy friend?
@ Babli
My boyfriend..hahha sure send them over my hubby would love them dear:)