Creamy Mushroom Bucatini With Home-made White Sauce.

Creamy Mushroom Bucatini With Home-made White Sauce.
There is not much that is more comforting than these home made Creamy Mushroom Paste
"Pasta is served up in a creamy white and mushroom sauce. This recipe tastes like it's from a restaurant and being prepared by the one whom you have chosen to live with is more romantic. My hubby happens to be a very good cook too. I first learn how to prepare good sambar from as a new bride. The taste of this pasta dish will linger in your mouth for many hours.Any veggie or meat and any kind of herbs would perfect paired up with pasta. A bowl of home made pasta is good enough to satisfy there anyone out there who doesn't like PASTAS..if there's is, "you are missing out in the crowd" :(

After a very long gap bot myself and my hubby happen to spend few hours alone without the kids tugging along.Both my kids got school on Saturday...aha 8 hours for ourselves..isn't that great!!!We went window shopping at BrookesBond Mall and grabbing a light snack at KFC and decide to have lunch at Prizza Hut. It's being sometime since we both had lunch but to my disappointment...the dish that I ordered was not available.I wanted to try their Creamy Mushroom Linguini With Spinach. My hubby offered to prepare them from and quickly got all the ingredients and here My hubby creation:"Creamy Mushroom Bucatini With Home-made White Sauce.

Serving Size: 2 person

1/4 packet bucatini
1/4 cup sliced button mushrooms
1 liter milk
200g shredded cheese
1/4tbsp fresh curd
1tbsp keya's all purpose seasoning
1tbsp cornflour mixed with little water a pinch of sugar
salt and pepper to salt
1tsp butter
Preparation Methods:
Cook the pasta in a large pot of boiling salted water until tender but still firm to the bite, stirring occasionally, about 8 minutes. Drain and keep aside.Heat a pan add the butter-once melted add the sliced mushroom and cook till tender. Pour the milk and as it's half boiled add the shredded cheese.

Once the mixture starts to boil reduce the flame -stir in the cornflour mixture and add the seasoning. Pour half the sauce into a bowl-reserve for future use. Once the sauce has cool off transfer to bottle and refrigerate.Finally add the pasta to the remaining sauce. Mix well . Adjust the level of salt and transfer to serving dish.


Priya Suresh said…
Yum yum, wat an incredible dish,seriously makes me hungry..
Unknown said…
wow delicious and yummy sauce,dish luks so rich n yum...
Look delicious and yummy with homemade white sauce.
Tina said…
Looks delicious and creamy..
Wow!,Superb recipe with a flavorful whitesauce.My fav dish,thanks for sharing it.Sorry to have missed this post.
alpana said…
U have a beautiful space & very nice recipes. Glad to follow u.......
Urmi said…
Very interesting and innovative dish. Looks yummy and creamy.
KrithisKitchen said…
Pasta in mushroom creamy sauce is my kind of comfort dish too :)
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nice yummy dish Saras ,
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