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Nutty Deep Fry Okra Masala

Nutty Deep Fry Okra Masala
"Yucks!!!Mommy I really don't like that sticky veggie you gave me for lunch today.Pleas don't prepare the mat home anymore",used to be my 6yr old's complaint whenever I prepare okra at home. These sticky veggie happens to be my hubby's favorite and he grabs them in bulk when fresh ones arrives at Central Market. I was really trying my best get my kids enjoy orkra but was unsuccessful until I came across this particular recipe in a cookbook in the library few month back.The snaps were utterly irresistible and decide to give it a try.The complaint stopped immediately.Anything is possible when it come to to food I's always how we make them delicious and tricks to get them through the kids. Anyhow these "sticky veggie "finds it's way in kitchen twice a week and fills the tummy of the kids..

Serving Size: 4

Marinate For Okra:
15 medium size ladies finger halved
1tsp garam masala
1tsp chillie powder