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Potato Mushroom Balls

Potato Mushroom Balls
I used to be a hard fan of non-veg platter since a teenager whereas my hubby was against it when we were new married couple. Fridays is the only day where you can find pure vegetarian meals at my home back in Singapore as my grandma passed away on that day. Since then my dad stop eating non-veg on Fridays and other traditional occasions. In my hubby's family Sunday is the only day when his mother prepare a feast of everything. Their daily menu on Sunday would be chicken briyani,chicken gravy,fish and meat balls.Things have changed now:- my hubby cannot survive without having non-veg. hehehe. Yesterday night I was so tired to prepare any dinner and wanted my hubby to order some veg pizza from Pizza Hut as we don't eat non-veg on Mondays and Thursdays.

"What pizzaaa today!!!! Are you crazy.I'm not having any pizzas without any chicken on it,maybe tomorrow"-hmm that was my hubby's response.Not only my hubby even some of my friends gives the …