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Hariyali Chicken Kabobs

Hariyali Chicken Kabobs
When my son found out that I was feeling much better than before-he started name all his favorite dishes that he wanted to taste.Mom make these,that and this non stop. Actually I haven't being trying any new dishes since my health bad and kept on postponing alll the dishes he have being asking me in the past weeks. I don't think I can hold up anymore so decide to prepare something in chicken for him for lunch today as he will be coming home early. We have a small restaurant in Pollachi "Anjali" where kabobs are very famous. They only serve them at night and a huge crowd will be lining up. I simply love these Hariyali Murgh Kabobs very much.Hariyali means" green" and the dish got it's name from the usage of spinach and lovely green herbs used in the marinade. It is a great appetizer but can also be served as a main course with dal,rice or even bread.

Serving Size: 4

1lb chicken breast meat skinned and cubed
10-15 spinach le…