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Snow Peas Stems With Dried Shrimps

Snow Peas Stems with Dried Shrimp
Hi guys I'm back with a recipe from my kitchen to yous again. I'm feeling better now and back to my cooking.As the doctor has told to me take plenty of rest but keeping myself out of the kitchen was really a difficult job and seeing my hubby tensed up looking for the ingredients in pantry made me smile but at the same time felt pity for him I have decide to take it slow and back to my normal routine.The comforting words and encouragement from all you guys have boost up my energy to full form again:) I think now he know how hard it's to keep the kitchen clean and the kids out of the kitchen.I got these snow peas stems from-the Asian store yesterday. Actually this is the first time I'm preparing this dish and it came out really deliciously. These snow peas stems are also known as Snow Peas Sprouts and are available in the Asian Stores.Mostly used in Chinese cooking.These stems are firm but tender new shoots of the snow pea plant…