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Ghee Rice With White Kurma and Sardine Curry

Ghee Rice With White Kurma and Sardine Curry

Serving Size:5

When first came to USA I don't know A-Z in cooking. Then slowly I tried out recipes from books, my MIL,friends and web. With encouragement and support from many I can cook and many has enjoyed themselves saying that the meal served was delicious.We had my son's 4th birthday in Owasso and for the first time my hubby invited his office colleagues. I was to cook for about 25 people both veg and non-veg. I did managed to prepare them with my friend's help . Ghee rice and grilled buffalo wings become very popular among them. When we left Owasso some of my hubby's friends mentioned that they will be missing my grilled buffalo wings and ghee rice. Actually I wanted to post the recipe for sometime but end up posting something else. While preparing this for the first time my hubby accidentally brought a packet of green peas with pearl onions but it become a blessing for me as everyone really like that taste.In…