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Fried Rice With Ikan Bilis (Nethili Karuvadu)

Fried Rice With Ikan Bilis (Nethili Karuvadu) also know as
Fried Rich With Anchovy and Chicken Franks

I'm back with another favorite dish of mine.What the better way to keep oneself warm and happy during these freezing cold winter season? Hmm let's think!!-filled tummy with homely comforting food that we miss so much here.No doubt about that or argue with.Being a full-time mom of two kids-cooking has become a part of my life and passion ever- since I first landed in USA on 5 Oct 2007. Back in India most of the cooking were done by my MIL as I wasn't that interested in cooking. I normally as assist my MIL with simple job like chopping, peeling, grinding and tasting.We both have different ways of cooking and always clash with my style of preparation. My Mil is more to the village style traditional cooking whereas I like to play with my ingredients and come up with my own creation that sometime tends to turn in a big disastrous heheh!!Here I'm the Queen of the Kitchen-haha …

Channa Dhal Dosa With Mint & Coriander Leaves

Channa Dhal Dosa With Mint & Coriander Leaves

Serving Size:4
Makes: About 15 Dosas

My son just simply love dosa with sambar and coconut chutney very much.He tends to consume a least 4 dosas- that's really big comfort for me as I don't have to feed him. He behaves like a baby sometimes just to make his sister mad as she's a fuss eater and needs to be fed which take about 2 hours for her to finish her food.I happened to find this recipe while cleaning my desk.I have written the recipe which I have completely forgotten and cannot remember where I got them.Well it doesn't matter and the dosa came out really well and my son did really had a feast. The smile on his face made me very happy-that's what all mom needs right!!!

1 cup Channa dal
1 cup parboil rice
1 cup ural dal
2 red dried chillies
1tsp fenugreek seeds

Mint and Coriander Paste:
1 bunch mint leaves
1 bunch coriander leaves
5 green chillies
1tbsp ginger garlic paste
salt to taste
1tbsp ghee

Preparation Methods: