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New Year Menu for 2010

It's being sometime since I last post.
I was held up with some work and wasn't able to log in as often as I used to do.
I guess that 2009 is over which was like a treasure box with many unforgettable memorials filled with natural disastrous,political changes,happiness,huge,kisses,break-ups,tears,quarrels and even new friends for me to cherish and forget some:)
As the clock struck 12 on 31 December BANG 2010 has arrived with many hopes and promises. I wanted to start my New Year with something sweet and chocolaty but unfortunately I wake up with a very bad back pain.
I wasn't going to spoil my plan and carry on despite the pain. After brushing and having a shower I made Chocolate Fruit Cake and waked mu hubby with a piece. My New Year menu was planed before hand.

I'm also sending my menu to my friend Shama's Christmas Festival Food Event.

The Menu Card:
Chocolate Fruit Cake
Game Hen Tandoori Chicken
Mutton Do Piaza- which means-onions used twice in the recipe-grind to paste…