King Prawn Kurma

When looking for a tasty seafood dish,you can never go wrong with prawns.Whether boiled or steamed, sautéed or baked, fried or grilled stewed or in a curry, prawns are extremely popular thanks to its delicious flavor which makes it an ingredient you do not want to substitute in any recipe.These prawns is very popular with my 4 yr old fuss eater.The following recipe was done very long back but still I can never forget the spicy and mouth-watering dish at all.This kurma had a light texture and which happens to be very popular among my friends and family members.They are the perfect side dish for naans or even with plain white rice.

King Prawn Kurma

Serving Size: 4

1kg cooked frozen King prawns
3tbsp fresh curd
1tsp paprika powder
1tsp gram masala
1tbsp tomato puree
3tbsp thick coconut milk
1tsp chillie powder
2/3 cup water
1tbsp peanut oil
1tbsp ginger garlic and chille paste
1 small piece cinnamon bark
2 cardamom pods
chopped fresh coriander leaves for garnish

Preparation Methods:

Drain the prawns to ensure that all the excess liquids are removed.Heat the oil in a wok.add the ginger garlic and chill paste,cinnamon,cardamom and salt to taste and fry over low heat.Place the curd,paprika,grama masala,tomato puree,chilli powder ,coconut milk and water in a mixing bowl.Blend all the ingredients together well and set aside.Turn up the heat and pour the blended mixture. Bring to boil stirring occasionally.Add the prawns to the mixture and continue to stir until the sauce thickens.Transfer to serving platter garnisheed with the chopped coriander leaves.


MaryMoh said…
Wow...that's my favourite...prawns!! I love it cooked in kurma...delicious! Would be so good with rice....yum
Priya Suresh said…
Welcome back dear, am soo happy to see u with a wonderful looking dish u know...Tongue tickling king prawns kurma!
Sushma Mallya said…
i love prawns and if this is served now i would be very happy....looks mouthwatering sara..
vrinda said…
Welcome back...Prawn kurma is new to me,sounds really good...
Joyti said…
It sounds delicious. But due to family allergies, I don't eat shrimp...maybe I should try this recipe with scallops?
I don't eat scallops but u can try it out and let me know it taste or u can also use fish:) thanks for the comment dear....
Thanks for dropping by to my blog once again friends:)
Anonymous said…
Wow! Those prawns are very big and the kurma looks perfect adn very tempting! I love prawns
Priya dharshini said…
Wow..r u blogging back...i cant believe..i jus luv ur indo-chinese dishes...hmm..i am drooling akka..india is the best place to experiment cooking..