Nutty Deep Fry Okra Masala

Nutty Deep Fry Okra Masala
"Yucks!!!Mommy I really don't like that sticky veggie you gave me for lunch today.Pleas don't prepare the mat home anymore",used to be my 6yr old's complaint whenever I prepare okra at home. These sticky veggie happens to be my hubby's favorite and he grabs them in bulk when fresh ones arrives at Central Market. I was really trying my best get my kids enjoy orkra but was unsuccessful until I came across this particular recipe in a cookbook in the library few month back.The snaps were utterly irresistible and decide to give it a try.The complaint stopped immediately.Anything is possible when it come to to food I's always how we make them delicious and tricks to get them through the kids. Anyhow these "sticky veggie "finds it's way in kitchen twice a week and fills the tummy of the kids..

Serving Size: 4

Marinate For Okra:
15 medium size ladies finger halved
1tsp garam masala
1tsp chillie powder
1/4tsp turmeric powder
1tsp curry masala
a pinch hing powder
1tbsp oil
1tbsp lime juice
salt and pepper to taste

Marinate the ladies finger with all the spices and leave it for 2 hours or overnight.

1 large onions sliced thinly
1 tomato cubed
1/2tsp cumin seeds
1/2tsp mustard seeds
1tsp channa dal
1tsp ural dal
3 garlic clove minced
a sprig of curry leaves
handful of walnuts finely crushed
handful of cashews finely crushed
handful of almond finely crushed
salt if needed
1/2tsp turmeric powder
1/2tsp chili powder
chopped coriander leaves.

Preparation Methods:
Heat some oil in a heavy bottomed wok and deep fry the marinated okra in small batch until crisp. Drain them and set aside. Add 2tbsp of the oil used to fry the okra in a non-stick skillet and splutter curry leaves, garlic,cumin,mustard ,channa dal ,ural dal followed by chopped onions, Saute til the onice turns brown-then add the tomato and the spice powders.Once the rawe smell of the spice powder are removed add the fried okra and saute. Adjust the level of salt and finally add all the crushed nuts and give a quick mix. Remove from flame and transfer into a serving dish.Garnish with chopped coriander leaves.


SathyaSridhar said…
Sara,,,how are u ter,,,well said dear kids dont like the sticky okra they want delicious crispy one hope ur kids love this fry,,,ingredients n preparations sounds great dear..
Okra is my favourite veggie, must try this soon, look so delicious!
Kalai said…
Hi Sara, this is one absolute mouthwatering dish, as my fav veg being Okra. Definitely the kids would love this crunchier okra compared to the stickier ones. Love the recipe.
Priya said…
Most kids doesnt like okras na, nice variation and okra masala looks fantastic, love the way u prepared with those nuts...awesome dear...
Sushma Mallya said…
Very different way of making okra but i just loved your version, frying and then using it in gravy sounds so delicious...
divya said…
Very different way of making okra must try this soon, look so delicious!
Neetz said…
love it !!!!..a must try :
do collect awards for u at my blog :)
Apu said…
Nice recipe, Sara!!
Gulmohar said…
great recipe..Haven't tried with these nuts..But we all love peanuts and cashews in okra fry
PranisKitchen said…
looks so delicious -nutty deep fried okra.never tried this recipe..sure it taste really good because the nuts gives special flavor to it..
Hope ur kids enjoyed having this one..nice recipe thanks fro sharing yarr
Pari said…
Hi! A good way to tempt the kids to eat the okra. Who would resist the nuts and fried Okra. Looks lovely.
Preety said…
this really is a different recipe..bookmarking it
Priya said…
i have eaten this nutty okra somewhere..but urs seems to be spicy and yum
Deepti said…
this sure luks irresistible...even i dont like sticky okras.
Ramya said…
okra is my kid's fave and he likes it only when the okras are seperate and crispy:(Iam gonna try this next time
Viki's Kitchen said…
okra superb aa irukku pa. Great recipe to handle this veggie.
Sashi said…
nice idea .. but i love okras even though it's sticky !!
First time here . Must appreciate the lovely collection of recipes here . The ladyfinger look so crisp n yummy ....

@ Little Food Junction
I really loved this particular vegetable !! My mom always makes this for me!! Well shared recipe !!Great work !!
Wow...nice and different recipe...must make a try..
Thats a great recipe with Okra. Am loving it. Yumm!
GayathriRaj said…
Hey nice recipee...... yummy one can wait without trying your dish.. :)
shahana said…
Okra looks crispy!Thanks for sharing this recipe.
Babli said…
I love okra very much and I often prepare it but in a different way. Your recipe is very nice and interesting. Looks delicious and spicy. Thanks for your wonderful recipe.
Vinolia said…
Sara, this preparation sounds rich in nuts and hot and delicious!! must try this sometime!!!looks great!!

happily, this was the first vegetable that my kids loved to eat, they love okras; but there are other vegetables that they don't like.. trying to find a way to make them eat like you do :)
Bonita said…
Anyone send this delicious food for me? Hehehe.....
Rachana Kothari said…
Okra is my favourite veggie... looks so yumm:)
Nithya said…
Wow.. nuts in okra is so new and interesting :)
Sadhana said…
Looks lovely and this sure is new okra recipe and will try out.
hi sara,

first time here loved ur space,started following u.
do visit my blog if time permits,
Preethi Sriram said…
Nice presentation and yummy recipe ...

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