Sparkling Granny Blast

The climate here in Dallas is disaster. Shining one day!! Then freezing the another day!!'s kind of hot few days ago and the heat is shooting up to my head and wanted to cool myself.But what kind of food to cool off?? Recently my hubby got me a new juice maker-the completely set :"The Bullet Express" from Costco and it come with a guide and a recipe book.I was flip thur them when I came across this recipe "Sparkling Granny Blast" I have add a few more ingredients to quench my thirst.It's very quick beverage to fix in less then 10 minutes...I have decide to try out all the beverage recipe mentioned in the book as soon as possible. I was actually planning to prepare another recipe today but the climate is a very chilly.

Sparkling Granny Blast

Serving Size:1 person

1/4 pineapple cubed
10 strawberries
2 large carrots
2tbsp brown sugar
1/4 cup sparkling water
few ice cubes

Preparation Methods:

Place a large glass under the juicer sprout and add all fruits one by one through feed tube pressing with the tube pusher. Then add the sugar and sparkling water-stir well and add some ice cube. Enjoy!!!


Priya Suresh said…
Yumm!!sparling granny blast looks refreshing..
Rachana said…
Yumm...I would love to have this glass:)
sathya said…
Granny blast looks yummy !
Priya dharshini said…
i also planning to buy it..congrats on new gadget
Padhu Sankar said…
Your sparkling granny blast sounds delicious!
Unknown said…
That sure is a very delicious and healthy juice. Looks fantastic.
Delicious, well arranged and refreshing
Urmi said…
Happy Republic Day!
Granny blast looks colourful, delicious and tempting. Lovely recipe.
that looks cute and pretty... and healthy.