Mini Oats Dosai

Mini Oats Dosai

Serving Size:5

1 cup quick cook oats
1/4 rice flour
1/4 cup fine rava
1/2 cup curd
finely chopped onions
1tbsp crushed jeer seeds
salt to taste
a pinch of hing
Preparation Methods.
Soak the water for 20 minutes and grind them into a smooth paste.In a large bowl add all the ingredients and mix well till you get a dosa batter consistence.Just leave them aside for 1 hour. Heat the tava and using a big soup spoon -scoop full and pour onto the tava.Don't spread it. Pour some oil on top and at the sides. When the lower side turns brown, flip the dosa to the other side using a spatula.Cook the other side.Serve these dosas hot with your choice of chutney.


shanthi said…
This has come out well. Its crispy
Tina said…
So cute, healthy and lovely dosa...
Priya said…
Cute mini dosas looks fantastic, kids will definitely love this..
Babli said…
Very innovative and unique way of preparing dosa. Looks yummy and crispy.
Padhu said…
Thanks for a nice dish with oats
Rachana Kothari said…
such a cute looking and delicious dosa:)
Asha said…
Very cute, nice looking dosas. Oats are healthy too, great job.
Vrinda said…
Healthy and quick dosa...lov it
Love those cute dosas, feel like picking one up.
Sushma Mallya said…
that looks so cute and very yummy...
Mini oats dosa for your lil ones??? they should have loved these, I made oats dosa but slightly different!!! Love all dishes with oats make it filling!!!
Devi Meyyappan said…
Beautiful dosas:).. wish I could grab one from the pic:)!!

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