Baked Chicken Briyani

Two months back I was browsing and went through many cooking blog.I was really surprise that there's numerous ways in preparing briyani.Each recipe was unique and delicious -each has their own blends in preparing briyani.Since my hubby is a die-hard fan of briyani I really want to try out all of the recipe for him to taste and get the best preparation for tasting these extremely delicious briyani. this recipe happens to be my hubby's creation in baking the chicken and topping up with plain briyani rice. Believe it was really very tasty and I can still have the taste lingering in my tongue whenever I think about them.I have prepare the same recipe with some change for my Christmas Menu...Baked Chicken Gravy

Baked Chicken Briyani
Serving Size:5

For the Briyani:
1 cup chopped shallot
5 black cardamon pods
1 nutmeg
1 small cinnamon stick
5 green cardamon pods
5 cloves
1 bay leaves
1tsp nutmeg peel
1tsp mustard seeds
1tsp cumin seeds
1tsp briyani masala
3tbsp ghee
2 cup rice
1tsp salt

Heat the ghee in work and saute all the ingredients for about 5 minutes and transfer the mixture to rice cooker. Once the rice is done divide them into 3 portion. Add few drops of red food color to one portion-mix well -set aside. Mix the other portion with yellow food color-mix and set aside.

For the Paste:
2 cups chopped shallots
2tbsp ginger garlic paste
1 bunch chopped corinader leaves
1 bunch chopped mint leaves
3 green chillies
1tsp turmeric powder
1tsp poppy seeds
1tsp fennel seeds
1tsp nutmeg powder
1tsp salt

Add 2tbsp ghee to wok and roast all the ingredient til fragrant and grind to a paste once cool and keep aside.

2 tomatoes chopped
2tbsp curry masala
3tbsp chicken briyani masala
1tsp gram masala
1tsp chillie powder
1tbsp coriander powder
1/2 cup fresh curd

Add another 2tbsp ghee and saute the tomatoes til tender followed by all the spice powder.Fry them until the oil starts to separate- then add the grind masala, Saute til they turn to brown and set aside.Spicy masala paste is ready.Mix in the curd and blend well-Keep aside:)

1 whole chicken cut up
2 cup shallots chopped
1/2tsp tumeric powder
1tbsp chicken briyani masala
1tsp mustard seeds
1/2tsp cumin seeds

Preparation Methods:
In large bowl add the chopped chicken and the grind paste-mix them really well. Leave it in the fridge overnite. Heat 1tbsp oil in work and splutter mustard and cumin seeds followed by the chopped shallots,salt,briyani powder and turmeric powder. Saute them till the onion are browned and the raw smell of spice powder are removed.Remove from flame. In greased baking dish add half the onion mixture and the marinated chicken.Sprinkle the remain onion mixture on top and bake for 45 minutes at 400 °F.Remove from oven and mix them well and bake for a another 45 minutes at 300°F.In a small bowl add a spoonful the baked chicken and top up with the rice- Press them firm with a spoon and place a serving plate on top-revere it and gently tap the bowl. Serve hot.


Namitha said…
Yes, that's will find hundreds of recipes for Biryani..This looks yumm..chicken biryani is my most fav of all :-)Happy Pongal..Thanks for your wishes :-)
Mythreyi Dilip said…
Looks so rich and tempting da.....
I was thinking about making chicken briyani in the oven, yours looks absolutely delicious, will try this!
I have book marked so many of your delicious recipes, need to prepare them soon..........
Vikis Kitchen said…
Baked biryani looks very delicious and I am sure it could have tasted great da. Super recipe pa.
Priya Suresh said…
WOw baked briyani looks fantastic Sara, looks really very rich and worth to try..Will try soon and let u know..
shahana said…
Itz really a mouth watering recipe!!1
Vrinda said…
WOW ..looks spicy and yummm Dear...
Thanks for the comment my dear friends..what I really need now is encouragement:)
Faiza Ali said…
your Biryani looks perfect..its true that one can find many many different recipes of biryani..every state has a different recipe, infact every house has a different recipe for biryani.
my kitchen said…
Briyani looks tempting dear
Tina said…
Looks spicy and yummyyyy....
Sushma Mallya said…
I love to try different types of biryani,ur version looks mouthwatering,spicy and delicious...worth trying one for sure