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Veggie Roti With Tofu and Beans Sprout Masala

Having rotis soaked with gravy taste great.I have adding cooked vegetable puree to the dough to make the roti more health and the taste was really good. One could feel the taste of the vegetable in every bite.

Ingredients for the Tofu Masala:

Serving Size:4
Grind paste for Masala:
5 shallots
3 garlic cloves
a small ginger
1tbsp chillie powder
1tsp garam masala
1tsp chicken masala powder
1/2tsp turmeric powder
1tsp fennel seeds
2tbsp crushed tomatoes
salt and pepper
2tbsp olive oil

Roast all the ingredients and grin to a paste and set aside.

1 packet tofu cubed and blend with a little salt,chillie powder and lime juice
1 cup beans sprouts
1 red onion chopped
1tpmato chopped
few curry leaves
1/2tsp mustard seeds
1/2tsp cumin seeds
chopped coriander leaves

Preparation Methods:
Heat a heavy bottom skillet with vegetable oil. Once heated shallow fry the marinated tofu in batches. Drain and keep aside. Pour the remaining oil away leaving about 2tbsp oil in the pan. Splutter mustard,cumin and curry leaves followed b…