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Thanksgiving Lunch

Thanksgiving Lunch:
I'm back with my Thanksgiving menu.This year our Thanksgiving was very pleasant and enjoyable.We didn't purchase any thing but went shopping for our friend's little son and had good food. Sales everywhere. Shopping malls were packed with people garbing clothes,toys,cosmetics,bedding,household items and many more.A new mall was open at Frisco and it was so crowed. Cars were not obeying rules and some even went on the wrong side of the parking lot.We nearly went around the mall for 1 hour before getting a parking space.We notice that the entrance to Macy's was crowed with people.We have to share the space and kind of getting bumped against other shoppers but it was fun too.

I'm not sure whether it's necessary for us to celebrate Thanksgiving or it's just some kind of holiday for my hubby. Perhaps I should take this 4-day holiday just to sleep and relax my mind but with my son that's never going to happen. He has being talking non-stop of…