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Stuffed Okra Masala (Stuffed Ladies's Finger Masala)

Stuffed Okra Masala (Stuffed Ladies's Finger Masala
I always seem to get stuck in this rut about what to cook today. It feels like almost every day, I’m searching for something new and there’s really nothing better than starting the day with a hot steaming cup of brewed coffee which will always make my mind refreshed in seconds as I take the first sip.I'm a coffee freak too!!!!

It's really a good thing that okra (Ladies' Finger) are always in season because I've been on orkra binge.I never used to like the stickiness of the okra since young but recently I have overcome them and now I really enjoying the taste.I happened to purchase some very fresh okra from the Asian stores for just 99 cents a pound and couldn't resist the urge to purchase them.I wanted to prepare something different with these okra instead of masala fry.why don't I stuffed them with spices and fry them just like Stuffed Mirchi Bajji but with different fillings.

Serving Size: 5