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Simple Chicken Briyani

Bachelor's cooking are always very simple and sweet as they don't really buy all the ingredients for cooking like we do -just the necessary to cook something for their tummy. Well when we all went to visit old friends in Owassso my hubby's friend Ramkummar made these wonderful very spicy briyani .He prepared the briyani with whatever he had in his fridge that day. We just brought the chicken.I'm planning to share some of the recipe that normally prepared by bachelors like my hubby when I was in India before coming here.Hope this will be useful for everyone who needs to fix something for the tummy quick and fast without add too many spices or ingredients to have a decent meal for the day.

Serving Size:5

3 cup rice
1lb chicken chopped
5 medium tomatoes chopped
2 medium red onions chopped
2 tbsp ginger garlic paste
5 green chillie slit into halve
2.5 tbsp coriander powder
1tsp chilli powder
1/4tsp turmeric powder
3tbsp shredded fresh coconut
1tbsp chicken curry masala