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Abinaya's Favorite Dishes

Abinaya's Favorite DishesI cannot really believe that kids grow very fast. My daughter is 3 year old today. When I first came to USA she just celebrated her first birthday in Pollachi with her grandparents - now she's entering her 3rd stepping stone. We are planning to celebrate her birthday on 27 August as today is working day. for a chance this time I'm planning not to cook anything at home as my health is not in good shape and there's isn't much help as I used to have before so we all have decided to have a small celebration without cutting cake with her favorite recipes like vadai,murukku,fried rice and stir fried chicken for lunch.

For the sweet item I have decide to make Semiya Payasma. It's being a very long time since I have prepared payasam at home. I have done all the things she have asked me as I want her to be happy always. I had a very difficult delivery when she was born and have to take care of my son as well as my health as my MIL left to India…