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Kara Vathal Kulambu- Version 2

Kara Vathal Kulambu- Version 2

Vathal-Dried vegetable, which can be preserved for a long time. Dried Vathals like Sundakai vathal, Manathakali vathals and many more varieties are used to make this Kara Vathal Kuzhambu Version 1 which is my hubby's favorite as well as mine, I have already post a recipe using Vathal in my previous post Vatha Kulambu. This is another version of Vathal Kulambu which happens to be my first MIL's recipe-that's my hubby's Periappa Wife Jayalakshmi. She's a very good cook and this recipe happens to be my MIL's favorite. She taught me how to prepare them when I was in back in India before coming here. I have made few changes to adjust to my hubby's taste as she never add garlic and tomatoes for a recipe. Believe me every-time I make these.There's wouldn't be any kulambu left by the time I have my food.

Kara Vathal Kulambu

Serving size:4

To be roasted and grind Paste:
1 cup chopped shallots
1/2 cup chopped tomatoes
3 g…