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Tomato Iddlies

My Son: Oh man!!!! Amma why are you always making these dull boring iddlies . I don't like them. Make me paper roast with sambar now now now. These were the words my son would always say whenever I make iddlies for breakfast or dinner..It's always a big chaos at my home whenever I make iddles. I have prepare somethings else for my son to eat.This has been going on since he was a baby I wasn't able to make eat iddles at all until one of my friend's wife served
Kanchipura Iddies at one of our outings.My son just love them and had about 4 iddles with mint chutney.I was happy that at last my son has started to have iddles and came up many different version of iddles like Wheat Umpa Iddly,Moon Dhal Iddly, Dhal Iddly With Stuffed Mint Chutney and my latest version is Tomato Iddlies.I had many ripe tomatoes laying in my fridge for quite some time

Serving Size:5

1 cup chopped tomatoes
1tsp fennal seeds
few curry leaves
1tbsp ginger garlic paste
2 dried chillies
2 shall…