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Avasara Koottu

I have sent this recipe for online competition organized by Tamil Homemakers in US in Orkut. The concept for this competition is Impossible Possible..a situation where we don't have anything at home to cook just onion,tomatoes,chilie ,dhal variety no vegetables or meats what will you do? Many has came across such situation most of the time rite? I have came up with this recipe of my MIL which is very easy toprepare. I'm not sure of a suitable name for the dish so I'm naming it as AvasaraKoottu. This dish is a hot favorite of my family back in India which my MIL makes very often when her kitchen runs out of vegetables. It's an excellent side dish for chapati,poori, doasi even rice just like semi koottuporyial:

Serving Size: 5
First pressure cook 1/2 cup toordhal with some garlic cloves (abt 3),1/2tsp turmeric and sambar powder and salt to about 3-4 whistles..Keep aside

5 ripped tomatoes cubed
1 large red onion chopped
2 green chillies slit lengthwis…