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Summer Time Snacks

Finally Spring is over and welcome Summer again. Say byebye to those huge coats and gloves to keep ourself warm.Now it's time to enjoy the blasting sun shine . During evening most of us would love to nibble on some snacks with hot or cold beverage during Chai Time..It could be any thing spicy or sweet ranging from bajji to tarts whichever you could think up. Here I have four hot snacks lined up for you to try which happens to be favorite of many South Indians.

1. Valaikai Bajji
2.Carrot Bonda
3.Mixed Dhal Vadai
4. Stufferd Mirch Bajji

Have a hot cup of Masala tea with any one the snacks mentioned above on this summer with your loved ones:
1 .Valaikai (Plantain) Bajji

1 large valaikai(plantain) cut into half and slice lenthwise
1 cup besen flour
1 rice flour
1tbsp chilly powder
1/2tsp tumeric powder
salt to taste
a pincg of baking soda and hing powder
1tbsp hot oil

Prepartion Methods:
Mix all the ingrdients with required amount waterto a smooth batter consistency of doasi batter would …